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HoM | Ran Kurosawa by tinyfrou HoM | Ran Kurosawa by tinyfrou
edit:11/25/13:: fixed her app up uvu more detailed backstory


▓ ῌ O S  T 

 Name - Ran Kurosawa [ Rahn Koo-roh-sah-wa ]

■ Nickname(s) - None that she knows of

■ Gender - Female

■ Age - 15

■ Birthday - June 24th 

■ House - Siren

■ Rank - Leader

■ Level - 4


[ Cold ] x [ Earnest ] x [ Greedy ] x [ Sophisticated ] x [ Daring ] x [ Destructive ]

When Ran wants to do something, she will do it. She always gets work done and will rarely ever let you down, especially if she's made a promise. She acts cold towards other people and takes a long time to act friendly around anyone no matter who they are. Her greed is mainly for material things and new house members. She wants to have more members than any other house, and she tells this to her scouts often. Ran is very polite and knows how to act around rich adults, since she has been all her life. During fights, her main strategy is to destroy. She will take risks and have Ai battle as hard as she can. They both hate to lose.

As a friend, Ran is very protective and often hides her true feelings. She does everything in her ability to please someone she likes, though. 


✔ The ocean 

✔ crustaceans 

✔ the sky 

✔ flowers 

✔ bright feathers 

✔ high quality pastries 

✔ adventure

✔ winning


✘ Losing

✘ weak-willed children

✘ adults

✘ cheap food

✘ her parents 

✘ felines

✘ Conan


Ran was born into one of the richest families in the city, the Kurosawa clan. The Kurosawas started out as a very traditional Japanese family, but mellowed out after a few generations. Some traditions have remained, however, such as learning Odori and Sword fighting. When Ran arrived, the family cherished and pampered their baby girl for a good portion of her childhood. Then the real work began. She was pestered, pushed, prodded against her will to fit the standards and expectations that her family had for her. She must do well in her private school, study two more languages, and learn how to preform Odori for her families guests. She must always have proper manners and know how to impress the wealthy so she would be ensured a good future. She must give the Kurosawas a good reputation. Tons of responsibilities piled up on young Ran's head and she could barely keep up with it all. But she did. She did, because if she didn't, it was clear that she would be punished. Her family was caring deep down, but always too strict. Always too overwhelming. She couldn't complain too much, though. She was grateful for her education and way of life. She couldn't even fathom living as a low-class citizen. Impossible.

One thing started grating on her mind: she was either treated too much like an adult, or too much like a toddler. She was neither. She reminded her family of this as often as she could, but it never worked. She hated being patronized and then worked until she was tired to the bone. And all for what-- her future? That was so far ahead, and she still had so much of her childhood left to live. Ran was craving something more. Some kind of adventure. Something that adults couldn't ruin for her.

One night, Ran was at a typical rich persons party. Everyone was in formal attire, chuckling heartily and drinking wine like there was no tomorrow. Even her own parents participated, ignoring her completely. She even had a little wine herself, after some old person shoved it in her face. She was indifferent towards the taste of alcohol. She was sitting with a bunch of drunks, looking extremely bored and agitated by the time someone pulled on her sleeve. Not used to such a childish way of getting one's attention, she swung to face the child and was surprised to see him running away from her. What did he want? Curious and angry, she stood up and pursued her target. The boy led her all the way outside and into the garden overlooking the ocean, which now glittered under the white moonlight. He didn't talk for a long time, merely listening as she showed her frustration by asking plenty of questions about his identity and why she had never seen a kid like him at one of these parties before. Finally, he asked if she would like to join a fun organization. A kid's secret dream land. Ran froze as he explained further. Spirits? Fighting crime? Adventure? She was only eleven years old... But it all sounded so tempting. She accepted.

It turns out the boy that found her was part of the House of Sirens. They presented to her a token resembling a bright yellow and red flower, a Gaillardia. She was thoroughly surprised-- How did they know she loved flowers? Their only response was that they “took a good guess” and thought that this would look the best on her. Once she heard the Rules of Myth over and over, she accepted the token and touched it. Immediately, her spirit appeared before her, whispering words of greeting. The red crab-handed lady looked lovely in Ran's eyes-- she almost looked like herself! She named her Ai, or love. Ran could tell that she was going to really love being a part of this house, with this spirit. This could be where she belonged.

A few years later, Ran had climbed the ranks all the way up to level three. She had learned to balance her family and social life with the secret life of the houses, and had even been appointed to Siren's adviser. Ai was doing very well, being as happy and energetic as always. Ran had gained a lot of trust within her peers and was already seen as a kid responsible enough to lead and protect others. When the current leader's graduation date started to come near, she expected a smooth transition into leadership. This was not the case.

There was a mission she had to take one day; a mission to take down a child abductor that was trying to leave the city. All she had to do was use Ai to get him in a daze and teach him a lesson so he would never mess with children again. Before she could even begin that, a Giants house member stood in her path. They looked almost crazed, much unlike any mature, kind Giants child Ran had ever seen. It was very out of character. When she ordered them to move, they wouldn't budge. Not even when she explained that she had important things to do-- she had a mission! They still wouldn't leave. She decided that the only way to get them out was to do it by force, so she prepared to have a spirit vs. spirit battle against the Giants kid.

Their spirit took one look at Ai, dodged its way around her, and stabbed Ran right in the eye.

The attack sent her falling backwards onto the concrete, and the combination of her and Ai's pained screams filled the whole neighborhood. The sound attracted attention. If it weren't for the backup that came to her aid, Ai would have shredded the traitor to pieces. The entire time she laid on the ground, clutching her face in agony, Ran could only wonder why. Why? Why would a spirit attack a host? She had never seen it happen before, and she especially didn't expect it to happen to her. The Siren's doctors swarmed her, trying to do everything they could to save her, but they knew better than anyone that she needed a real hospital. The only thing she could do to explain the incident to her family was describe the man she was originally going after that day. The mission to pursue the child abductor. Thinking that he caused their daughter to lose an eye, Ran's parents tracked the criminal down and made sure he suffered for a long time to make up for everything. He didn't seem to reject it too much, probably having confused Ran with another child he had harmed in the past.

It had been many days since anyone had seen Ai outside of her token. Ran was almost afraid to see her again.

When she healed up enough to start using her token as an eyepatch, Ran decided to invite her old friend out again. She had been warned by her peers about what happens to a spirit during traumatic experiences. Nothing they told her would have prepared her for the dramatic change that her own spirit had gone through. There was still a hint of beauty in the way Ai presented herself, but she was obviously twisted. One of her claws was barely attached to her arm anymore, and her left eye bled and bled the same way Ran's had the day of the accident. Ai was no longer soft and heart-warming, but troublesome and loud. Angry and aggressive. She still had a connection with her host, but the duo was no longer a pair to be messed with.

Ran made it to the leadership position with no other problems. She easily became one of the most intimidating members of the houses, and proceeds to judge the other leaders, finding any weak spot she can within them. Although Ai's behavior is violent and concerning, Ran agreed to take responsibility should she ever cause anything bad to happen. But she wouldn't. Nothing Ran didn't plan, anyways.  

▓ Ṣ P I R I T 

■ Name - Ai
■ Gender - Female


Water Manipulation: Ai can use water as a weapon, bending it to her will. This includes water whips, steam, and just generally being able to move water.

Hurricane: Ai can summon hurricanes that are big enough to overwhelm an opponent, but not big enough to devastate the land and other house territories. She can make it rain normally as well. This power works best when she's angry and can't be used very often. 

Sea creature communication: Any sea creature will do Ai's bidding. 


She uses her teeth and claws to tear other spirits apart.


Demanding ] x [ Violent ] x [ Disrespectful ] x [ Fun-loving ] x [ Hardworking ] x [Impish ]

Ai used to be caring, nurturing, and energetic. Now, on the rare occasion that Ran lets her see the other house members, she will be very rude and probably violent if they don't meet up with her demands. She still has a sense of humor, though, and loves to have fun. During battles, she goes all out and pushes herself for the sake of her host. She really does care about Ran.

▓ Ọ T H E R 


:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletblack: Neutral || Uncertainty
:bulletblue: Acquaintance
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best friend
:bulletyellow: Crush || Attraction
:bulletpink: Significant Other
:bulletred: Discomfort
:bulletred::bulletred: Despise

Feeling [ Name ] [ Role-player ]

None yet!


 Her token is her flower eyepatch. It will never wilt or die.

 She is normally respectful and polite to other houses, but sees the Sirens as superior.

■ She doesn't really blame the Giants house for what happened to her eye, but she might be quicker to accuse them of dishonesty. She has more of a problem with the Faerie house, if anything. Her and Conan are always at each other's throats. 

 She's very educated and can speak English, Japanese, and Chinese (Mandarin)

 Despite her position, Ran still eats seafood. It's only small creatures like sardines and shellfish, though. Ai, on the other hand, will eat her own kind with no problem whatsoever.

■ She will occasionally drink a glass of wine. Sooo illegal.


■ Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Lorde 

 ~ * All for freedom and for pleasure, nothing ever lasts forever * ~

■ Stubborn Love by The Lumineers

 ~ * Head up, love! * ~

■ Blame it on the Girls by MIKA

 ♪~ * Life could be simple but you never fail to complicate it every single time  * ~

■ Sea Birds by Burning Hearts 

 ♪~ * I wish that I could be in the cellars of the sea and disappear in them never to be seen again
Live this life, it's unrelenting appetite for feeding off the weak who never had their turn to speak * ~



By the time the storm began, Roman was off of work duty, but still monitoring people on the ship just out of habit. He had nothing scheduled for that day and it seemed like no one was really going to do anything. Everyone was stuck in their rooms waiting for the rain and gloom to stop, but the nurse was kind of fond of the weather, to be honest. Not that he had any water pokemon to help him out if anything should happen to the boat, but still. His haunter hovered right by his side, having been too stressed out by the sounds of thunder to stay in his pokeball. Roman decided to let him out while keeping Curl inside hers, just so they wouldn't get upset. Getting time away from the small cleffa was a rare occurrence for him. Another roll of thunder passed by, and the trainer paused so he wouldn't stumble on the shaky floor. Maybe he should settle down after all... The storm was pretty intense. He didn't really have time to think before the lights went out and Danny let out a surprised squeal, much to Roman's amusement. “You're a ghost, Danny, shouldn't you be used to darkness...?” He murmured to the haunter quietly, continuing to walk down what he assumed to be a hallway. He misjudged the area and bumped into some object, stepping back in surprise. “Oh...” Roman dug in his bag for the flashlight he forgot he had (he was always prepared for blackouts) and turned it on, shining it on the table that had been in his way. Then he saw a pair of feet and the bright, white wings of a swablu, and he knelt down to light up the face of his friend. “Rena?” He saw how nervous she looked and gave her a concerned smile. “This isn't the best time to be playing hide-and-seek.” Danny floated close to the ground as if he wanted to be closer to the light, and blinked when he recognized the girl trainer.

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