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HoM | Ryan Abbett [Tiger] by tinyfrou HoM | Ryan Abbett [Tiger] by tinyfrou


I wanted to give you guys an example of a lower ranked character application, too uvu

░  O S T 

» Name Ryan Abbett

» Alias - Tiger

» Gender - Male

» Age - 10

» Birthday - August 5th

» House - Dullahan

» Rank - Scout

» Level - 1


[ Lost ] x [ Indecisive ] x [ Amenable ] x [ Charitable ] x [ Well-Meaning ]

Tiger is very well-meaning and generous in this actions, even if he's not always that helpful. He tries his best to remain available to others in case they need anything. Being a new member, he is very inexperienced with the house life. He doesn't always understand the rules and will often get scolded by his superiors. This doesn't get him down, though! It's very hard to dampen Tiger's spirit. He won't put up too much of a fight if he knows it isn't worth it.

That said, he has an issue with agreeing too easily with people. He is very easily manipulated and will join the “wrong” side of arguments if he isn't careful. This also gets him into trouble.

Tiger is prone to getting lost everywhere he goes, especially when traveling to and from Melanie's home. He tends to ask for directions from everyone around him, including the dead.

x LIKES x  

✔ Felines

✔ coins

✔ yarn

✔ Sugar Pea

✔ (actual) sugar peas

✔ stripes

✔ seafood

✔ shady places

✔ fantasy/science fiction books

✔ the dead


✘ Large forest animals

✘ Being called his birth name or anything that doesn't sound fierce

✘ Very tall people

✘ Ran

✘ onions

✘ raisins

✘ lilies

✘ leashes


Tiger comes from an average, middle-class family that lives in West Hills. He has several older siblings that he often plays with, but has always preferred to wander off on his own (and get lost). None of his siblings have joined a house, either because no house saw their attitudes as desirable or because they were too connected with the adult world. He has an okay relationship with his parents but feels their presence to be too over-bearing at times and doesn't like how strict they are.

Ever since he was very small, he was kept under a tight leash. Literally. His parents are the type to leash their kids so they don't run away and get into trouble. Since they had a lot of them, it seemed reasonable. Tiger hated it, though. Even if he would have gotten into trouble without it. His parents also kept a lot of child-proof fences around the house which they still haven't taken down, even though all of their children are old enough to get past them by now. Everything in their home is still child-proof, in fact. Every child also has a schedule, chores, and very high expectations for school. Tiger could live up to none of these things.

His elementary school life up until this point has not been the best. He often got teased for his low grades and overall weirdness. During 3rd grade, he decided that his birth name, Ryan, wasn't fitting enough for him. It sounded dull and boring to him, especially when his parents said it. So he tried to change his name to his favorite animal, Tiger. His peers did not accept this right away and laughed at him for months, but in time, even his teachers started to call him by the new name. His family would never comply, but that was to be expected.

With a new name and a new feeling of self-confidence, Tiger decided that he was fine just the way he was and no one could tell him otherwise.

It was just after his 10th birthday that a scout appeared in front of him when he was in the school bathroom, proposing an idea. They explained all sorts of things about houses and spirits and secret organizations. Tiger was honestly lost after the first few words, but he nodded and acted like he understood everything. He did kind of get it, after all. The scout took him to a strange forest after school and that's where he met the House of Dullahan.

The group was instantly pleasing to him; He had always had an interest in dark and mysterious things. Graveyards were fascinating, and that happened to be the place where he received his token. The houses token forger had taken one look at him and smiled, saying they knew just what to give him as a present. Tiger eagerly caught a small golden coin that was thrown towards him then, and turned it over to see the cute little cat design and its kitten.

His new spirit rose from the coin and took shape right in front of his eyes... a goofy looking green and black dullahan cat. Tiger stared in awe as his spirit greeted him, making a friendly kitty smile.

“Sugar Pea!” was what Tiger ended up exclaiming.

And that was how his spirit was named.

Tiger has since then participated in very few missions, as the houses don't send out complete newbies to fight criminals. He currently runs errands for his superiors and searches his school for likely Dullahan candidates.

░  P I R I T 

» Name - Sugar Pea
» Gender - Male


Necromancy: Since his host is level 1, Sugar Pea cannot do much more than just waking up a dead person and telling them to stick a random body part out of the ground. This is much more useful than it sounds, since Tiger always needs a hand to point him in the right direction when he gets lost in the woods. Sugar Pea can tell them to trip or distract people, too!


He uses his claws to attack others, or simply throws his head at things. He claims it doesn't hurt, and it is surprisingly effective. With spooking people, anyways.


Silly ] x [ Affectionate ] x [ Soft ] x [ Easily-Distracted ] x [ Foolish ]

Sugar Pea is a very light-hearted and kind spirit who wants nothing more than to make his host smile. He's not especially good at fighting seriously, but tries his best. He's rather submissive, in fact. The only person that makes him have any kind of backbone is Tiger. He doesn't want to disappoint his little best friend!

Sugar Pea can also be described as air-headed and foolish. He often gets distracted by the most insignificant things, like the strings around his own neck and bugs flying in the air.

░  T H E R 


:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletblack: Neutral || Uncertainty
:bulletblue: Acquaintance
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best friend
:bulletyellow: Crush || Attraction
:bulletpink: Significant other 
:bulletred: Discomfort
:bulletred::bulletred: Despise

Feeling [ Name ] [ Role-player ]

None yet!


» Ran is currently the only leader that really intimidates Tiger, mostly because of the rumor that she has had a long-lasting hatred for cats. It's true.

» He doesn't appreciate jokes made about keeping animals on leashes, nor does he approve of wearing animal collars for 'fashion.' 

» He has terrible handwriting and although he likes to read, he isn't that great at school. 

» His favorite thing to do before a battle is flip his token in the air and ask, "Heads or tails?" like a cool cat. 


» Paper Kitten Nightmare by Margot and the Nuclear So and So's

 ♪~ * So wash your paws, alley cat. Once you're dead, you can't come back  * ~

» Fireflies by Chris Garneau 

 ♪~ * You're making friends with the fireflies, I can't say that this comes as a surprise * ~

» Step Out by Jose Gonzalez

 ♪~ * Dark as night, let the lightning guide you  * ~

» Way to Go by Grouplove

 ♪~ * I got a little bit longer, I got a ways to go!  * ~


[ from %Y-5k ]

Fester stopped immediately after hearing a strange, ugly laugh from somewhere behind him. He turned around to see some...rat kid? He thought the boy seemed like he was around his age, but he wasn't entirely sure. He felt himself lean away from him involuntarily, looking a bit alarmed. The porcupine could already feel the quills prick up on his back but he quietly fought in his mind to calm them down and slowly ran a hand through his hair. He wasn't really sure what this guys deal was, after all. Fester never wanted to risk getting someone hurt right after meeting them. “You... look terrible,” he stated bluntly, buying some time as he pet the quills down on his shoulders. The rat boy seemed to be drunk, or... just plain weird. Whatever was happening, it didn't really matter to him. He wondered if he'd ever seen a porcupine before. Anyone that's been within a 5 foot radius of him would know that quills are not 'mighty fine.' “They would be even finer shoved up your ass if you want them there. But I guess it'd be kind of painful to take a shit then.” He took a step back and blinked at the boy, his expression void of anything but seriousness.

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